Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership
"...do nothing separately that we could do better together"


What is the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership (ILHP)?

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Who we are

The ILHP is a network of currently, around 30 partners, representing a wide range of organisations, working in homelessness from across the statutory and voluntary sector in Ipswich.

What we do

The overall purpose of the ILHP, sometimes referred to as the "Locality", is to:
  • ensure that there is a strategic, co-ordinated and effective approach to all aspects of homelessness, its causes and effects
  • do nothing separately that we could do better together.
This ILHP leaflet tells you more.

How we work

The Locality does this in Ipswich by:

Campaigning - Raising issues impacting homeless people with decision makers and funders, and raising public awareness through campaings such as "Help Our Homeless", we help to give a voice to people who are homeless.

Coordinating - Connecting a wide range of partners in an effort to highlight and understand what is happening for people who are homeless in our area and working together when planning or providing key services. For example, collaborating on our Winter Planning.

Communicating - Circulating regular updates and items of interest across the partnership.

Fundraising - Raising funds to provide services, either directly or through the partners, such as Assertive Street Outreach, for people who are homeless.

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