Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership
"...do nothing separately that we could do better together"

Are you homeless, or concerned about someone who might be?

If you are rough sleeping, or are concerned about someone rough sleeping, get in touch so we can connect you, or the person about whom you are concerned, to local services.

The Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership (ILHP) is about supporting people who are rough sleeping in Ipswich off the streets, rather than supporting them to stay on the streets.

To do this, we connect people to the services most appropriate to their needs.

Where can single adults who are homeless in Ipswich go to get help?

There are a number of first line response services already in Ipswich for single adults who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, as set out in this "Reaching Out" leaflet:

These front line services work with a wide range of other partners, such as specialists in health and wellbeing, money advice and recovery services for example.

In addition to these services at present there are a number of direct access beds, for emergency accommodation in Ipswich as well as hostel spaces. We also have an Assertive Street Outreach Coordinator, based at IHAG Chapman Centre, who works directly with people who are rough sleeping to ensure that no one new to rough sleeping spends a Second Night Out on the streets of Ipswich. The best way you can help is to contact Streetlink

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