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What is homlessness?

At the ILHP, we tend to talk about "people who are homeless" rather than "homeless people" or "homelessness".

We do this because we are talking about people, and we are all defined by more than just our current housing situation.

There can be many reasons for homelessness, for example being unable to pay rent, a relationship breakdown, issues relating to health or wellbeing or because of a combination of any of these.

So, we see homelessness as a consequence, as opposed to a client group or condition.

Homelessness is something that can happen to anyone.

"Homeless" is a broad term and can mean that someone is "roofless", as in sleeping rough, in temporary accommodation or staying with family or friends.

To help explain more about homelessness (and why much of the work of the ILHP is focused on people who are single and homeless, or at risk of homelessness), and the range of advice and support services in Ipswich, take a look at our attached info sheet.

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